What types of freelance copywriting projects do you work on?
Website Content Writing  |  PowerPoints  |  Blogs and Long-Form Marketing Content

SEO Copywriting  |  Newsletters  |  Brochures  |  Taglines/Slogans Writing  |  Resumes

Product or Company Name Writing |  B2B Email Copywriting  |  Sales Letter Writing

Ad Copywriting  |  Video & Commercial Scripts  |  Small Business Copywriting  
White Paper Writing  |  Short Biographies  |  Marketing Content Editing  |  Web Copy

What industries do provide content copywriting services for?
I have  marketing content writing experience in the following areas (in no particular order):

Healthcare  |  Engineering  |  Film  |  Technology  | Financial  | Software (Saas)

Sports  |  Retail  | Medical Equipment  |  Law  |  Furnishings  |  Landscaping

Insurance   |   Architecture  |  Telecommunications  |  Construction  |  Education
I am open to just about anything and love diving into new categories! If you know your business or service, I can help you market it through exceptional freelance copywriting.

What if I have changes or edits to the marketing content you provide?
Although I try and knock it out of the park on the first try, that may not always happen as often as we would like. That's just the nature of freelance copywriting. We'll work through any edits until we both feel good about it.  I want to be your top freelance copywriter. Period.

Can you work remotely on your killer copywriting services?
Almost all my freelance copywriting and marketing content writing is remote. Lots of virtual meetings via Google Hangouts, Microsoft Team meetings, Zoom and calls/texts. 

My freelance copywriting clients often trust me with their login credentials to edit their files or sites directly through Wordpress, Wix or Weebly, for instance. Usually, it's just faster that way.
Do you know to write for search engine optimization (SEO)?
Do pigs fly? Yes, I've been writing with SEO in mind for several years. I'm experienced in both MOZ and SEMRush SEO software, along with Google Trends and a few more. 
Do you work alone?
Usually. But having worked for multiple marketing departments, I know plenty of quality freelance copywriters and freelance designers to pull in if needed.

What is copy editing? What is Copywriting Secrets?
Copy editing (also copyediting) “is the process of reviewing and correcting written material to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.”

Copywriting Secrets is a book by Jim Edwards with a huge Google search volume and incredible competition online. Google it for yourself!

How much do you charge for copywriting services?
I primarily have an hourly rate but am willing to provide project quotes. Just ask! (Rush jobs with 24-hour turnarounds are $75/hour.)

Credit card, PayPal, Bill.com, Bitcoin, whatever works. I'll send you an invoice once the work is done to your satisfaction. 

Are you an Upwork Copywriter?
Yep, I'm an Upwork Copywriter. You can find me on Upwork here.

What other services can you offer?
In addition to marketing content writing, I can provide a lot of Photoshop services such as image editing or graphic creation. I have full Adobe Creative Cloud license. This comes especially handy in PowerPoints, logos, ads, mockups and so much more. Before you reach out to a graphic designer, ask me first.

Note: Discounted freelance copywriting rates available for certain nonprofits and startups. Nice.

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